Volume 20 Issue 11 -  November  2005


As you receive this monthís newsletter, God willing, Iíll be preparing to fulfill a life-long dream. For many years Iíve had a burning desire to visit Scotland. On October 29th, the dream will prayerfully become a reality. The reasons for this expedition are three-fold.

First, Iím part Scottish. Secondly, as Iíve studied Americaís Christian heritage, I began to become acutely aware of Americaís great debt to Scotland. Without the Scottish pastors coming to these shores and inheriting the First Great Awakening, there would not have been the spiritual, moral impetus to sustain our nationís pursuit for liberty. In the article "Pastoral Letter" there will be more on this subject later.

Finally and most importantly, this was a dream Liz and I both shared for many years. Two weeks before Liz graduated to glory, the determination to go to Scotland was solidified in my heart. Let me explain. As we were together in the hospital room, Liz found me staring at her. She asked, "What are you thinking?" I responded, "Iíll tell you what Iím seeing." She said, "OK, tell me what you are seeing." I stated, "I see me climbing a mountain in Scotland and you are in my arms." Liz swooned at the prospect.

This is how the dream became a quest. Iím bringing a cross engraved "To My Beloved Liz," a picture of us together, and the entire testimony of her illness and her subsequent homecoming to be with the Lord. By Godís grace, I will climb the mountain, plant the cross with the picture and testimony. 

(A special thanks to David Lackey who helped make this possible)

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The Lord richly bless you! This January 22nd, in the year of our Lord 2006 will mark the 33rd year of decriminalized child-murder in the United States of America. Plans are now being made to conduct a city-wide Memorial Service at Rachelís Park Memorial in Waco, TX. Our intent will be to remember the fallen, renew our commitment to defend the sacredness of life, and to plead with God for the future of our beloved, yet blood-stained land.

The event will feature our National Director of Operation Save America, Rev. Flip Benham, local pastors, and womenís testimonies of Godís saving grace releasing them from the sin and crime of abortion. It will also feature for the very first time a mother honoring the loss of her child by placing a plaque with the childís name on the Wall of Remembrance. The commencement of this gathering of Christian/Pro-life believers will start at 3 PM at Rachelís Park Memorial located at 4720 N. 19th St. on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006. The next day we will conduct a press conference to unveil Rachelís Park Memorial to the greater community. An announcement will be issued that this park is ready to receive those who need the Lordís help to deliver them from the guilt and shame associated with abortion.

Much has been done to turn the dream of Rachelís Park Memorial into a reality. All the main features have been erected and yet there still remains some work to complete the vision and mission. As I write we are working on having benches installed, signs hung, brick columns built as a foundation for signs that will explain the different features of the park, a pulpit built, and landscaping to beautify the park.

Some of you have already helped in times past to bring Rachelís Park Memorial to this phase of development. Personally, my family and I mortgaged our house twice to help fund the development of this park. Your help is needed once again to complete the work in order for this ministry to be up and running and fully functional. We have three months left before the city-wide event. Would you prayerfully seek the Lord on what you could sow into this Christian/Pro-life ministry that the Lord has already used to touch so many lives broken by abortion? Whether it is prayer, finances, labor, or the needed materials, many hands can make light work. Together we can finish this park for the glory of God, the salvation of men, the healing of post-abortive families, and to restore the humanity of our precious preborn children.

We need approximately $7,000.00 and some help with labor to finish the park. Whatever you can do to help raise these much needed funds will be greatly appreciated. To those moved by Godís Spirit to help, mark your checkís memo with Rachelís Park Memorial. Thank you!



The reemergence of pastors leading the Church into the battle for menís souls, the lives of our children, and the future of America is critical in this desperate hour. Pastors must reclaim the legacy and example bequeathed to us by the pastors of Americaís founding era. They were men cut from a different cloth and exuded a different spirit that is foreign to most pastors today. Liberalism, feminism, and humanism found no place in them. They were bold, courageous men of God who took on the burning issues of the day (tyranny of England, for example) and proclaimed liberty throughout the land (Leviticus 25:10).

On the night before the famous "shot heard around the world" event, John Hancock and Samuel Adams visited Pastor Jonas Clark about the approaching British army in Lexington and Concord. They asked him if the men of the church were ready to take their stand. He replied that they were ready because he as a pastor had trained them to be ready. The rest as they say is history.

King George of England described Americaís bid for independence as a "Presbyterian Parsonís Revolt." The parsons, of course, were the Scottish pastors whose forefathers endured the cruelty of Englandís tyranny for many years. Once they saw England begin the same shenanigans here in America, they put the trumpet to their mouths and called America to resist the oppression that was sure to enslave the colonies.

In fact, King George admitted that the regiment he feared the most in America was what he labeled the "Black Regiment." He was not speaking racially. He was deeply concerned about the pastors of America who wore black robes when they preached the liberating power of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Some of these pastors literally had on a Colonial Army uniform under those back robes as they preached. When these pastors dismissed the Church with an amen. They called for the head deacons to drill the men outside in the churchís yard. These men who drilled later became known as "The Minutemen." This brief history lesson is why the "Shot Heard Around The World" commenced in the church parking lot of one Pastor Jonas Clark, rather than some other place.

The following is a "letter to a congregation." It was sent to me by my good friend, Marilyn Carroll, from OSA CT. Though it is satirical in nature, it does, however, capture the problem with most pastors today. Compare the grit of the former pastors of our founding era to the passive response of this pastor as it relates to the burning issues of our day. He represents one of the main reasons why America is sliding down the primrose path to perdition, while the church remains for the most part speechless, inactive, and seemingly incapable of overcoming the evils of this present era.

I am your minister. My people, the human sheep of my sheepfold, look to me for spiritual guidance. I take my job seriously. GOD has entrusted the proper nourishment and feeding of my flock to me. Following the examples of those who have gone before me, I use the Bible as my guide. There are many areas of importance on which I have studied, prepared and presented sermons to my flock. However, it is true that I have not spoken on the taking of UNBORN LIFE.

I have not spoken on the damage being done by PORNOGRAPHY. I have not spoken on the Christian's responsibility to become involved in the democratic process of VOTING. I have not spoken on the response of Christians to those who desire to make HOMOSEXUALITY acceptable and approved. I have not spoken on the disastrous effects which GAMBLING is having on our society. I have not spoken On the responsibility of PARENTS to be deeply involved in the lives of their CHILDREN. I have not spoken on the damage caused by ALCOHOL and DRUGS.

There are good, solid reasons I have not addressed these issues. For One thing, many of my flock would find them UNCOMFORTABLE. Many of my members would find them CONTROVERSIAL. And many might disagree with the Scriptural interpretation. Some of the leaders in my denomination would find the Scriptural answers UNACCEPTABLE. But there is another good, practical reason I have not addressed these issues, and that is they are already being addressed by others. For instance, the entertainment and news media constantly and regularly speak to these issues. In addition, many of our pubic schools - with the help of the National Education Association are addressing these issues. They along with the help of the National Endowment for the Arts, museums, and other public institutions are addressing these issues as well.

What the Bible has to say concerning these issues is, of course, VASTLY DIFFERENT from what they hear from the media day in and day out. The media is constantly before my congregation, spewing out their definition of how these issues should be addressed and what the outcome should be. If I give the BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE, it will be in major conflict with what they constantly hear. I'm sure that many of my members would disagree, some vehemently with the BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE. They, then, could cause me to be very UNCOMFORTABLE.

Afraid? No, not really. It's just that there are other things more important which my flock needs to hear. Why cause division? Why cause conflict? Why upset my people? If I preach on the broader principles, then my flock will apply those principles to the specific issues. Or, at least, that is what I'm hoping.

Surely, reasonable people can agree that the manner in which I'm handling this vast conflict between the majority in the media and the teaching of SCRIPTURE is the most effective approach. You would agree with that, would you not?


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